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Workshop Purpose

To bring together scientists in land use/land cover change science and carbon cycle science to share research results, identify uncertainties, caucus on approaches to reduce those uncertainties, and to foster collaboration in land use/land cover change and carbon studies across traditional disciplinary lines.

Workshop Format

The two-day symposium with oral presentations, poster presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions was held on June 8-9, 2009, in Ann Arbor, MI. Results from the workshop are posted on the Workshop Outcomes page.

Workshop Goals

Because carbon cycle management is essential to mitigating the worst effects of climate change, a critical next step is to improve understanding of the processes on the ground that generate those sources and sinks in ways that integrate ecological and social drivers.  Understanding the processes of land surface changes and carbon cycling in coupled and dynamic modeling requires a more concerted effort to integrate data and results across the natural and social sciences and identifying opportunities to alter human activity, through policy change, economic incentives, institutional reforms, and behavioral change and education.  Quantifying the carbon consequences of specific land use and management activities is critical to implementing consistent mechanisms for encouraging sequestration and discouraging emissions.

Workshop Accomplishments

"The workshop was very successful in providing an effective forum for bringing together a diverse group of high-level scientists and land managers to consider the implications of land use on the carbon cycle.  I was impressed with the high quality of the discussions and look forward to further progress on the concept of integrating human and natural systems for improving our understanding of the carbon cycle. I was particularly pleased with the level of real communication between the natural scientists, social and economic scientists, and people from the user community." - Nancy Cavallaro, USDA representative to the CCSP Land Use and Land Cover Change Interagency Working Group (LUIWG) and Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Group (CCIWG)

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